Hi, I’m David Guion, freelance writer and editor, and the All-Purpose Guru.

I love to learn, love to write, and care passionately both about writing well and helping others to write well.

Nobody told me when I started blogging that a blog ought to be confined to a single topic, so I called mine All-Purpose Guru. Even I couldn’t explain what it was about, so I divided into four separate blogs:

  • Musicology for Everyone is about music, mostly classical (I play trombone and have a doctorate in musicology)
  • Grace and Judgment is about Scripture (I have taught adult Sunday school classes for 40 years and have become a certified lay speaker in the United Methodist church)
  • Reading, Writing, Research is about libraries (I am a retired librarian), research, and writing (think of all the writing I have had to do both in school, professional journals, two books, and the very different world of Internet writing!). It what’s left of www.allpurposeguru.com after I spun everything else off. I think of it as Wreading, Writing, Wresearch!
  • Sustaining Our World is about sustainability (informed by service on a university sustainability committee).

On various other sites besides my blogs, I have also written about cooking, nutrition and health, travel, gardening, and more.

I write not merely from personal interest, but from a lifetime of thorough research. I make no claim to be an expert on every topic, but I have done the research necessary to insure accuracy and reliability.

Starting an overly broad blog is not the only way I put the cart before the horse. I only started looking at All-Purpose Guru as a business later. Everyone says that an online business ought to be centered on a single “niche.” And everyone says that I can’t get any “organic search” traffic here.

But that’s OK. You’re reading this either because you followed a link I put somewhere or because you found one of my blogs. Perhaps you are searching for something informative or entertaining to read.

Or perhaps you need a good writer or editor for one of your own projects. Besides what you can find online or in print with my byline, I have written procedures, instructions, public relations materials, marketing copy, and more.

My editing experience includes an online journal and, resumes, and personal statements for graduate school admission.

You have more than one interest, don’t you? You have at least one interest in common with me, maybe more. Why else would you be reading this page?

David M Guion, All-Purpose GuruThis picture was about all I had to use for a logo when I first started writing online, but what could be more appropriate?

It shows me playing a solo with the MLA (Music Library Association) Big Band at the end of the meeting in, I think, Pittsburgh.

Right there, it combines two of my passions, music and librarianship.

Plenty of the music librarians gathered on that occasion also passionately love Jesus Christ. Plenty of those in attendance also passionately care about the environment. In fact, I was probably not the only person in attendance who cared about all four!

Contact information: david@allpurposeguru.com Twitter @allpurp0seguru