OK, Guru. Now that I’m here, what am I supposed to do?

I have “all-purposes.” Find something to read and enjoy about one or more of them:

I do the research so you don’t have to!

Go Shopping here, too! It’s how I support my research and writing habit!

All-Purpose Guru Shopping Mall

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World’s Largest Bookstore? That’s so 20th century! Amazon offers products in dozens of categories, from “Apparel & Accessories” to “Wedding Registry,” including green products, music, musical instruments, and a whole separate category for ebooks for Kindle. The Guru writes Kindle books, too! But check out the rest of the stores in this mall. Some have products you can’t find on Amazon. Some just have better prices.


Did the publisher discontinue a book (hardcover, paperback, or audiobook) you want? If it’s fairly recent, find it here at bargain prices–at least 50% off list price. Maybe you can find the same title on Amazon, but you’ll pay more there. Discover Book Closeouts!

BookCloseouts.com – Blowout Prices

I have been a happy customer of Christian Book Distributors for more than 30 years, long before there was any such thing as online shopping. Their selection, prices, and service can’t be beat. Since they are specialists in Christian books, they carry titles you just can’t find anywhere else. And you’ll receive your products rapidly. Did I say Christian books? Christianbook.com is no more just a bookstore than Amazon is. They have recorded music, accompaniment tracks, printed music, tee shirts, ties, all manner of gift material.

Music recordings

Archiv Music has the largest catalog of classical music recordings I know of. If you can’t find a piece here, it either hasn’t been recorded yet or it’s long out of print.

ArkivMusic, The Source for Classical Recordings

Arkiv Music has a special site for show tunes, but the same great selection and service.

ArkivSong The Source for Show Tunes & Standards

Ariama has a smaller catalog than Arkiv, but its search engine is easier to use, and it makes more of its offerings available as single tracks or for download.

I had these great classical vendors, but then I wanted to feature a jazz album in one of my blog posts. Oops. CD Universe has jazz. CD Universe has classical. After all, CD Universe has every kind of CD available.

MP3's at CDUniverse.com


Green products

All-Purpose Guru has its very own “green” shopping mall, offering everything for your entire home and everybody who lives there. It’s too big to cram here!

Eco-Friendly Home Products



  1. Thank you. I appreciate the compliment. I’m happier with the appearance of this home page than I am the four blogs in the family, but I’m working on them!

  2. It’s called Tyler. I don’t remember just how I found it (as far as my search terms are concerned), but it’s one of the themes available through WP.

  3. Louis Jullien’s Baptism names (1812) after every member of his father’s orchestra!
    also see: thekaty-didpolka.blogspot.com
    I include Jullien’s pictures in the Castle Garden post
    My main interest was to find out who was the “Amico”
    in the anonymous letter to Jullien asking hism to write the Katy Did Polka.
    I believe it was George Grobe, the most prolific song writer of the mid to late 19th century. Jordan
    Hope to hear from you,

  4. David,
    I just posted your sermon on “holy anger” on my website, artlegends.org
    Let me know if you have any problems with that.
    CNNNewsAuctions on Domain Names strike me a little like
    the Temple of moneychangers Jesus had to face.
    I don’t know why and I may be wrong.
    What do you think?

  5. Thanks for the backlink. I don’t see anything in common between anything CNN does and the money changers in the temple, but I, too, may be wrong.

  6. You put the entire text of my blog post in your reply, and I had to delete it for reasons of space. I recall comments you made on HubPages about the difficulties you were having with your blogs. I have had trouble following some of your links. I did find your posts on Grobe, though. Interesting.

  7. I am writing a biography of Colonel Ellsworth, and I write a blog about that experience, plus several other random experiences. I saw your blog concerning the colonel, and thought you might be interested in checking out my efforts. The book is First Fallen, and is close to being done. I also write for emergingcivilwar.com. I just thought you might welcome a fellow Ellsworthian. Thanks!

  8. Yes, Meg! Welcome! Have you noticed my other writings about Ellsworth? Check out the page on my other online writings and look under “history.”

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